SAP SD Online Training

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Online Training Course Details..

SAP SD Online Training Course Content

* Introduction to ERP/SAP
* Three Tier Architecture
* Sales Overview

Section I: Enterprise Structure
* Enterprise structure in Sales and Distribution
* Define organizational elements
* Assign organizational elements

Section II: Master Data
* Defining Account Groups
* Creating Number Ranges and Assignment
* Partner Determination
* Customer master Data
* Material Master Data
* Customer Material Info Record
* Conditions Master data

Section III: Determinations
* Item category Determination
* Schedule Line Category Determination
* Shipping Point Determination
* Picking Location Determination
* Pricing Determination

Section IV: Sales Process
* Forward Sales Cycle
* Reversal Sales Cycle
* Cash Sales & Rush Order
* Sample Sales and Free of Charge (FOC)
Section V: Complaints
* Returns Sales order
* Credit Memo Request, Debit Memo Request
* Subsequent free of charge Delivery
* Invoice correction request

Section VI: Document Type Controls Processing
* Sales Document Types
* Sales Document Structure
* Delivery Document Types
* Billing Document Types

Section VII: Copy Controls
* Sales to Sales
* Sales to Delivery
* Sales to Billing
* Billing to Sales

Section VIII: Basic Functions
* Taxes
* Incompletion Procedure
* Item Proposal
* Bill of Material (BOM)
* Material Determination
* Listing/Exclusion
* Cross Selling
* Output Determination
* Free Goods
* Pricing

  • a) Field Catalogue, Condition Tables, Access Sequence, Condition Types, Procedure, Condition Records
  • b) Pricing Determination
  • c) Price, Discounts, Taxes, Surcharges, Freight, Rebate
  • d) Condition Exclusion groups for Pricing
  • e) Condition Supplement

f) Configuring Pricing Reports
* Output Determination
* Order Blocks, Credit Blocks, Delivery Blocks & Billing Blocks
* Availability Check and Transfer of requirements
* Forward scheduling and Backward Scheduling
* Document Flow
* Document Grouping and Splitting Criteria

Section IX: Outline Agreements
* Contracts
* Quantity Contracts
* Value Contracts
* Scheduling Agreements

Section X: Logistics Execution
* Basic Shipping Functions
* Shipping Conditions, Picking and PGI
* Route Determination

Section XI: Billing
* Billing Documents
* Billing Plan

Section XII: Finance Integration
* Revenue Account Determination
* Credit Management
* Rebate Processing

Section XIII: Material Management Integration
* Stock posting
* Stock Transfers
* Third Party Sales
* Individual Purchase Order

Business Interaction with Domain Functionality for Special Process
* Inter Company Sales
* Cash Sales & Rush Orders
* Consignments
* Make to order (MTO)
* Make to Stock (MTS)
Data Dictionary
* Reports