SAP Netweaver Online Training

SAP Netweaver Online Training Course Details..

SAP Netweaver Course Content

1. The System Kernel
1. Principal Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application
2. Server
3. AS ABAP Processes
4. Fundamental Concepts of Java
5. AS Java Processes
6. Java Cluster Architecture
7. The Internal Structure of SAP NetWeaver AS Java

2. Starting and Stopping SAP Systems
1. System Start: Process
2. System Start: Logs
3. Overview of the Process for Starting and Stopping a SAP
4. NetWeaver AS Java Tools for Starting and Stopping
5. Java Startup and Control Framework
6. Logs of the Start and Stop Processes of SAP NetWeaver AS Java

3. Introduction to System Configuration
1. How the System Evaluates Its Parameters
2. How to Set System Parameters
3. Setting up Operation Modes
4. Administration and Configuration Tools of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
5. General Configuration of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java Cluster with the Config Tool
6. General Configuration of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java Cluster with the Visual Administrator

Other Administration Tools
4. Implementation of SSL for SAP NetWeaver AS Java

5. Technology Components for Browser-Based User Dialogs
1. Internet Scenarios with SAP Systems
2. Internet Communication Manager
3. Internet Communication Framework
4. The SAP Web Dispatcher
5. Load Balancing in the SAP NetWeaver AS Java Environment

6. Basics of User Administration AS ABAP
1. User Administration Concept
2. Authorization Concept
3. Login Parameters and User Info

7. User and Authorization Concept AS Java
1. Architecture and Configuration of the User Management Engine (UME)
2. User and Group Administration
3. The Java Authorization Concept

8. RFC Connections
1. Fundamentals and Variants for Using RFC
2. Setting up RFC Connection

9. Communication and Integration Technologies
1. Cross-System Business Processes
2. Remote Function Calls and BAPIs
3. Enterprise Services-Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA)
4. Web Services

10. System Monitoring and Troubleshooting AS ABAP
11. Monitoring AS Java
* Java Monitoring: Overview
* Monitoring SAP NetWeaver AS Java